Computer Predictions for Games on Friday and This Weekend



Here are the computer's forecasts for the games Friday and this weekend involving teams that are ranked in the USILA and IWLCA surveys. For the toss-ups, the distinction in groups' ratings (making an allowance for home-field benefit) is little enough that a prediction would total up to something near to a coin turn. Home team is noted.
For toss-up video games, we give the computer credit if the distinction in the score is three goals or less. After the first 2 weeks, the computer's general record stands at 80.5 %, however it's 4 points greater for women's video games than men's games.
The computer scores and therefore these predictions don't take numerous variables into account, including how specific teams have the tendency to fare in the house or on the road, injuries groups may have, psychological factors, where teams are ranked in the surveys, and so forth. They can offer an amusing tip about exactly what may happen when the online games are played.